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UX/UI Project

Project Overview

Create a pleasant stress free travel planning experience with a mobile travel planning app.



UX/UI Designer




1 Week


 Miro, Figma & Figjam


Traveling in this new day and age comes with its own amount of uncertainty. That creates a lack of confidence in your overall traveling experience. Causing travelers to feel overwhelmed and overstimulated.

The Solution

To empower travelers to curate their ideal travel experiences by tailoring options to their unique preferences. We leverage our comprehensive data to offer personalized travel recommendations, supplemented by reviews from fellow travelers who share similar interests. Additionally, we encourage travelers to share their own experiences through reviews, enabling them to regain control and confidence in crafting unforgettable journeys.



  • Research what are common pain points in planning travel.

  • What are deciding factors in choosing where to travel to.

  • Create an trust worthy app that allows the user to be organized  in their upcoming trip.

  • Cultivate confident traveling experiences 

"How can we design an experience that empowers users to feel fully prepared, self-assured, and resolute in their actions and choices?"

iPhone 13.png
Group 1554.png


Traveling in a New Age

What is today as we know it? Almost feels as if we have entered into a new dimension. Not being able to recall what life was like pre-pandemic. From simple tasks to large ones. We are all constantly reminded of this new era.

More so in our travel planning process.

“In 2021, 32 percent of American respondents opted for traveling less frequently by any means post pandemic.”

What does that mean for the well versed traveler one year later?


 Chaos, delays, uncertainty, and overpopulated areas.

User Interviews

  • have honest reviews from like minded people

  • to know I am receiving the best possible option for an overall pleasant experience

  • to not feel overwhelmed with choices


Participants: 4

Ages: 30-60

All are frequent travelers with a minimum of 3 trips a year.

  • to compare all costs across the board when it comes to different hotels, flights, cars

  • affordable trips to non-tourist trap areas

  • an organized travel experience 

  • to feel confident in making a travel decision

User Insight 

“ The seasoned traveler with high expectations and a lot of miles traveled under their belt. Needs recommendations based off reviews from reliable sources of the same lifestyle when planning their next trip”

Screenshot 2023-09-06 104640.png

Problem Statement

“Planning your next trip can be overwhelming, flooded with options and reviews provided by complete strangers. Causing uncertainty in an already uncertain time. How might we provide precise recommendations catered to a travelers specific preference. Backed by reliable reviews from friends/family or travelers of the same lifestyle. Providing a confident booking experience.

Empathy Map .png

During user interviews we discovered that planning a trip based off of recommendations provided by the internet caused a lot of uncertainty and stress. In a already chaotic traveling experience. Leading travelers to the same over populated destinations and tourist traps. Grouping travelers together assuming they all have one concern in mind. Cost. Always seeming to give the cheapest option. We learned that not everyone wants that option. Some are willing to pay more. What they seem to need were trusted reviews from reliable sources and precise preferences  that catered to their lifestyle.

story board screenshot.png

The storyboard illustrates the emotions we found our users went thought. First excitement, but as they dove further into planning with so many options thrown at them we found some got overwhelmed and walked away telling themselves they'll get to it another time. Not feeling confident enough to follow through.


To craft an experience that exudes trustworthiness and effectiveness, deserving of brand loyalty and recommendations. To develop a product that is not only visually appealing and intuitive but also secure. We aim to strike the perfect balance, avoiding unnecessary complexity without sacrificing essential features. Our goal is to deliver an immersive, personalized product that demands minimal time and resources, ultimately offering an efficient, user-friendly, and high-quality solution.

Task Flow Screenshot.png
User Flow Screenshot.png


Wireframe Sketch  (1).png

Lo-Fi Wireframe- Prototype

Clickable screenshot.png

Usability Testing


1. We infused the onboarding process with photography to create an adventurous atmosphere.

Home Page.png

2. Instead of the Nav bar at the bottom of the page we made a Nav button. When pressed 4 more buttons appear with navigation options to Home page, trips, search, and add a review.

Select Contacts.png
Create Account.png

3.Users felt the Contact Page to invite users as well as Share a Trip was cluttered so we put their top contacts on the page rather than the whole contact list. 

For the overall color scheme we went for a more soothing luxurious feel.


Final Hi-Fi UI Designs

Screenshot 2023-09-15 202040.png

Next Steps:

  • Prototype what it looks like to keep track of all travel details such as confirmation numbers, boarding passed, calendars of booking reservations.

  • Prototype what is looks like to book a event or trip from seeing a review.

  • Prototype what is looks like to see upcoming trips.

  • Usability test and iterate.

  • Prototype an option to select a contact that is not a top contact to choose from for sending an invite.

Final Thoughts

With the time restriction it was difficult to get all the features out there. From that I learned to choose one feature to focus on while putting other feature ideas on the "next steps' so I don't cut myself short on turning in a strong MVP. 

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