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Adopt a Native Elder: Website Redesign

A.N.E is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Navajo Elders living on reservations by providing them with essential supplies. We recently underwent a complete website transformation to enhance the user experience. Despite the noble cause they serve, the previous website design lacked a professional and modern user interface, leading to user distrust. As a result, users felt hesitant about sharing their banking information for donations.

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YARA: Social Travel App

Elevate your travel experience with personalized journeys tailored to your lifestyle. Connect with and gather reviews from individuals within your network, ensuring trusted recommendations from people you know. Our platform aims to curate the ultimate travel experience for you.

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Prk-R: Parking App

Prk-R is an app designed to simplify the stressful and costly process of urban parking. While also saving time. By offering a hassle free way to find and reserve affordable spots.

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What I am currently working on


As grocery prices continue to climb, and with an increasingly food-conscious society. How might we leverage our online farmers market to significantly reduce the cost of groceries for consumers, making fresh, locally sourced products more affordable and accessible?

Revolutionizing the farm-to-table experience, our online farmers market connects consumers directly with local farmers and artisans. Discover a marketplace beaming with fresh meat, vibrant vegetables, luscious honey, and an array of homemade goods. Bypassing the middleman, we empower you to support the source and channel your money where it matters most. Seamlessly blending tradition with the modern age, we bridge the gap between generations, providing peace of mind by ensuring transparency in product origin. Save money, skip the chaotic grocery stores, and embrace a more connected community by investing your time in local living.

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