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Adopt a Native Elder

Website Redesign

Project Overview

Looking for ways to provide a helping hand can feel daunting at times, not knowing where to start. Scouring the internet to find the right cause. A non-profits UI is the first interaction with a user. Proving legitimacy in that first interaction is vital. 


Adopt a Native Elder serves a tremendous overlooked cause. We were tasked with forming trust in the user by creating confidence in the donation process.



UX/UI Designer


Adopt a Native Elder


3 Weeks


 Miro & Figma 


In a world filled with numerous non-profit organizations, it's understandable that individuals may face challenges when discerning their legitimacy. Often, people tend to gravitate towards well-known non-profits, unintentionally overlooking smaller, lesser-known organizations. A.N.E's current website has been underserved, lacking a modern and intuitive user interface. The overall aesthetic feels outdated and inconsistent, which unfortunately contributes to a sense of mistrust among users.


GOALEnhance the user experience while building trust in our cause.


  • Create a modern UI

  • Simplify the donation process

  • Provide strong and clear information about Adopt a Native Elder

  • Build trust between the User and Non-profit by proving legitimacy 

  • Reconstruct information architecture 


User Interviews

ANE Old Home.png

-to not feel overwhelmed during donation process

-be clear and concise about the different ways to donate

-feeling secure during check out

-different verbiage that is less dehumanizing

-professional modern UI


- to feel they are choosing a trustworthy non-profit

- to be well informed of how Adopt a Native Elder operates

- to not waste time searching for answers

- be able to see who their donations are helping

ANE 3.png

Proto Persona

Looking at the Market Place using we found 344 Native American specific non profits, out of millions. It shows that users must share a personal experience with the culture to seek out and donate. While having a feeling of accomplishment that their donation will actually make a notable difference to the cause. Through A. N. E that is highly possible.


After talking with users we found each user shared a personal experience with the Native American culture. In some way their reality's were entangled with one another. And to be able to see that their donation was making a difference that they could visually see as well as physically lend a helping hand was a tremendous benefit in choosing this non-profit.

Opportunities for Improvement 

  • Adding a feature that allows the user to visually see who their donation is going to.

  • The ability to put art work from the elders should come along with a bio of the maker.

  • Give clear instructions and educate on different ways you are able to donate.

  • Ability for users to create an account that allows users to see past donations, who they donated to, and to see food runs they have signed up for.

  • Ability to see if supplies are running low.

  • Simplify the information architecture.

  • Create a marketplace for art work.

  • Give the website a theme for cohesion and professionalism. 

  • Empathetic photography drawing more emotion from the user.

  • New logo exploration.

  • Add more depth on each page.


Home Page
Adopt A Elder
Get Involved
Food Runs
About Us
Looking to donate or purchase item?
Clicks Donate
What type of donation?
Clicks Food Box
Clicks Create Account
Checkout as guest
or create account?
Info page on create an account and benefits
Clicks Checkout
Checkout Window pops up
Inputs info


Affinity Map

Screenshot 2023-01-16 175159.png

Style Tile


Lowfi Wireframe


1st Draft 

This is ultimately where we landed before testing.



Frame 107.png
Nav Bar 1
My Iteration 

My iteration

After this project was done I continued to work on it and run more tests. It still looked incomplete.

Test Results

Nav Bar 1
  • Social icons in Nav Bar 1 offered the option for users to leave the site almost immediately.

  • There was no depth, the page is flat.  

  • Felt cluttered. 

  • Added a drop shadow to the nav bar. 

  • Donation button was taken out (a choice I did not agree with) the team felt the word "Donate" was on the page to many times. It appeared on the home page three times.

  • Change home bar to white giving a timeless look.

  • Change the color of the logo from black to blue. Black was hard to read.

  • Added the Donate button back giving the user quick accesable call to action no matter what page they are on.

  • Took away the shopping cart until there is something in the cart then it pops up. Having a shopping cart felt dehumanizing.

Home 3.png
Art Marketplace - Jewelry.png
Get Involved.png

Next Steps:

Areas for Improvement:

  • Meeting with the founders to gain clarity on the actual donation process.

  • Gain insight on what the normal traffic is on their website.

  • I would love to get the final prototype to A.N.E getting in contact with them has been a challenge.

  • Recreate donate and marketplace page giving more modern touches. It still seems a little outdated.

  • Prototyping a user account page with the ability to see if donation box is running low.

  • Add drop downs in the nav bar.

  • Add logo to the footer. 

donate page.png
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