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Each and every choice we make, regardless of its outcome, has shaped the trajectory of our journey. Even the decisions that may be considered unfavorable have presented unexpected opportunities that otherwise might not have been within our reach. 

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My Story

I've always had a unique perspective on life. It allows me to find value in life's challenges, seeing them as opportunities for growth. Growing up on the reservation, I had limited resources but learned to create my own world with what I had, often just dirt and ditches. I found ways to make each moment enjoyable, crafting experiences and setting the mood. I've always had a deep yearning to understand others, recognizing that everyone is going through their own unique human experience.


When it comes to design, I find joy in the process itself. Starting with an idea or a problem and witnessing it transform into something far greater than I had envisioned. The ability to research, test, and iterate is incredibly fulfilling because the answers are always waiting to be discovered.


What sets me apart is my blend of creativity and empathy. I have the ability to see things from other people's perspectives, understanding that there is no absolute right or wrong, but rather a spectrum of experiences to be explored.

As a mom you can find me baking the yummiest cakes and breads, making my own butter.

As a creative I'm interested in telling stories and experiences through any artistic outlet possible.

Always observing this human experience.


I'm always looking for new and exciting experiences.

Let's connect.

+1 (775) 666-0654

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